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Legal Stuff

By sending information to our servers via electronic means such as email or FTP or using form submissions or any other means, you accept that we can use, disseminate, publish, forward that information as we see fit.

If you do not agree with these terms or you feel the information is of a confidential matter, please contact us prior to sending any information, at which point we will confirm via email that the message sent as a reply to our email is to be treated in confidence

We reserve the right to edit any or all non-confidential information received prior to any retransmission or publication. This will normally be to remove our routing / contact information, and we reserve the right to edit for clarity.

We do not wish to receive unsolicited commercial email - i.e. don't spam us

Unless your order or message is offensive, you can pretty much assume that won't result in anything but coffee turning up at your place (as you would expect!)

Our credit terms are here

Last updated 24 October 2011