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Roastery is in it's new home

Mar 19, 2012

Category: General
Posted by: Brent

(We should I guess point out that you don't really pick up 300 odd Kgs of steel)

The truck was booked, the labour arranged, pizza promised and all was set.

The truck arrived (well actually Brent had to go and unload it first) and the labour all turned up (well Philip did, and by the time Brent got there the roaster was in the truck)

At this point the coffee and all that other stuff you need was put into the back of the truck and the truck was duly despatched to Nikau Cave - the new home of Zeke's

Roll forward a few hours, and the roaster was unloaded, driver fed copious amounts of pizza, and Brent had set up the roaster ready to go, and the first batches were duly roasted, packed and taken back to be posted out.

You can visit the new roastery - it's at the Nikau Cave - which you should also check out - they are very cool.