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Changes we are mulling

Apr 3, 2012

Category: General
Posted by: Brent

Having moved the roastery to the Waikeretu Valley at Nikau Caves, there are some changes that are going to be forced on us logistics wise. So we are taking this opportunity to look at some of the things we are doing...
These include:

Bag sizes

Minimum orders


Roasting Schedule

How we send coffee out

While we haven't made any decisions, we are mulling increasing the price due mainly to the increase in green coffee prices (we are happy about this, so surely you are also? - we have absorbed a fair chunk of price increases to date) but also general increases in postage etc and GST are starting to add up.

We are also mulling the idea of having some standard bag sizes, and increasing our minimum bag size to 300 grams from 200. This is mainly to simplify the process of packing now more people are involved in this process.

The final bit that we are in the process of working out is our new roastin schedule - there are a few things we need to work out, but basically while the medium term will see us adding roast days, the short term is about working out which day is best to roast on - we travel to Waikeretu to roast. Juggling time is the new game we play!