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What Happened

May 30, 2017

Category: General
Posted by: Brent

Late last year / early this year Nikau decided (reasonably) that the logistics of roasting and shipping coffee was getting to hard.

After some discussions it was decided they would roast for themselves, and Zeke's would return to the city so to speak.

On looking at options, influenced by some other major factors it was decided after a long time the coffee chapter for Zeke's was best closed.

What's next? we aren't sure and have no long terms plans at this stage, but have enjoyed supplying coffee to the masses and our involvement with the many great people in the NZ coffee industry.

When we started you could not get a decent fairtraded organic coffee - being the first we have played a part in changing that perception, and ethically traded coffee is closer to the norm now - job done!


Thanks everyone


Karen and Brent