Zeke's Serious Coffee

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Our Coffees

As with other roasters we blend our coffee and each blend will be individual. At present we have a choice of two — sorry, three — blends, um thats wrong, no blends currently available seeing as we are hibernating.

All of our blends are named after endangered wildlife from the origins where some of the coffee we source is grown.

Howler Monkey

The Howler Monkey blend is a mild, all-round blend with a hint of chocolate. It produces a nice espresso and a good plunger, and interestingly it tastes like coffee!

The Howler Monkey won gold, silver and bronze medals at the New Zealand coffee festival between 2004 and 2010 for both espresso and flat whites, making it one of New Zealand's most awarded coffees.

Who's Hollering?

There are ten species of Howler Monkey found in the lowland forests of Central and South America. They grow to about 60cm long with an even longer tail. Like most leaf-eaters they spend a lot of the day conserving energy. Howlers earn their name by having the loudest voice of any creature other than the blue whale, which can be heard several kilometres away. Howler Monkeys are threatened by hunting for food and export.

Bonga Banana Frog

Note that we are not roasting the Bonga Banana Frog at present.

The Bonga Banana Frog blend is a more fruity blend than the Howler Monkey, and is particularly suited to espresso based milk drinks, such as the Flat White.

Bonga Banana Frog won silver at in the "Best Flat White" category the 2005 New Zealand coffee festival.

Who Da Froggy?

Afrixalus Enseticola is a tree frog found in the Bonga region in the southwest of Ethiopia at altitudes above 1800m. It is small (males 20-23mm long, females 23-28mm) and brown with silver markings. It is listed as vulnerable due to its small and fragmented range which is under encroachment by man. More info

Hairy Rhino

Note that we are not roasting the Hairy Rhino at present.

A plunger blend, the Hairy Rhino blend is especially crafted to produce an excellent filter/plunger coffee.

So you thought rhinos were bald?

The Sumatran Rhinoceros (Dicerorhinus sumatrensis) is considered the most endangered of the five remaining species of rhinoceros, and the only two-horned species found in Asia. Its numbers are estimated at 250 in Sumatra and 50 in Borneo, having halved in the past 15 years as a result of poaching. , It is the only surviving species with a shaggy coat, although fossil records show that hairy rhino species were once widespread. More info.

What about Decaf?

The Sloth is hibernating at present - that means it is not presently available

What's the point?

oops thats right - we have many friends and clients for whom that night cap needs to be caffeine free. So, we hunted around, found some coffee with the caffeine chased away, and are pleased to say the Maned Three Toed Sloth blend is (we think) a pretty good coffee, perhaps exceptional? We use a blend of decaf beans that are fixed using the Swisswater process, and as is usual for us the coffee is fairtrade, organic and shadegrown and of course expertly roasted.

Ai Ai Ai!

The Maned Three-toed Sloth (Bradypus torquatus) or Ai lives in the eastern coastal forests of Brazil, where it is seriously threatened by destruction of habitat. It has "wrong-way" fur, an adaptation to living most of its life upside down. Sloths are good swimmers but can barely move on the ground, having to pull themselves along by their strong arms.