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Yes, you can order coffee right here! Or if you have a question, go to the bottom of the page. We entreat you to read the Fine Print before ordering.

Please note, if you came here from another website in the expectation of a free sample, you have been mislead by incorrect information on their part.

Placing an order here is exactly that - an order, not a competition entry - thanks

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The Fine Print

Here's how we operate:

Our pricing is $5.00 per 100 grams, and our minimum order is 300 grams, so yes we will supply 413 grams if you want (that is $20.65 if you were wondering).

As our emphasis is on freshness, we do not offer a bulk discount as some roasters do, no criticism intended, it's the way we work.
We'd prefer to send you beans, because grinding just before you make coffee gives the best results, but we can grind your coffee on request. Or perhaps we can sell you a grinder?
We now send all coffee via NZ Post. Take a peek at where we roast - awesome spot, and great service from our Rural Delivery contractor. Shipping is free (well, built in) for quantities over 300gm. We will notify you when your coffee has shipped, and usually you should receive it the day after we ship it, with the exception of rural deliveries.
If you are having any problems making coffee with our beans, we are happy to help out as much as we can.
We are also able to make coffee (espresso based) at your smaller events / parties by arrangement.
we like to get paid! We don't accept credit cards, we would have to put our prices up to have this facility. This leaves two three four options:
  • Firstly you can send us a cheque to PO Box 272 1811, Papakura, AUCKLAND 2244,
  • or preferably you can use Internet banking and transfer payment direct to our SBS Bank account - 03 1355 0728409 00 (you could also use our old ASB account 12 3075 0192784 50), but please put your name in as a reference so we know who has paid etc.
  • Or you can use PAGO to send funds to COFFEE.
  • If your order is a regular one, we can send you an Automatic Payment form.
  • For our established regular customers, we operate a monthly account service.
We guarantee our coffee tastes better than the web site!
Disclaimer: We accept NO responsibility for ill-effects to your tongue or sensory system resulting from licking your screen or any other attempts to taste our web site,
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