Zeke's Serious Coffee

Shade Grown * Fair Trade * Organic


Welcome to Zeke's Serious coffee. We roast award winning, shade grown, fair trade, organic coffee in New Zealand.

About Us

We have been roasting since, since, since um, a long time ago sometime closer to 2000 than today, and having won lots of awards from our peers in the New Zealand coffee industry, we suspect that we've gotten quite good at it.

We decided that we would only use Fair Trade and Organically grown coffee in our blends right from the start. We are specific about this with the various suppliers and brokers we source coffee from.

Our roastery at Clarks Beach, Auckland Nikau Caves in Waikeretu Valley has seen a progression of 1, 5 and now 15kg roasters.

If you want to visit - give us a call to check we will be around when you get here. If you just happen to be passing and we are around - you are welcome to pop in! However please be aware that if we are roasting, we may be a little distracted — it's perfectly acceptable to be obsessive about coffee — and we take our roasting pretty seriously - after all, we drink it too! If you want to see us - come out to Nikau Cave and have a coffee - go through the cave, have a bite to eat - Anne grows a lot of the stuff onsite, and take a bit of time out to relax in an awesome spot - and have another coffee! Coffee is available for purchase at the cafe by the bag!

Where can I get it?

We like to supply freshly roasted coffee direct to the end-user, so you won't find our beans in retail outlets. You can
  • order direct from our website
  • phone us [027 4 SHADECoffee (027 474 2332) or 09 232 0196]. eeek!! Telecom attacks - try 09 299 7898 for now or 09 233 3199 which is Nikau Caves.
  • email us

Our policy is to provide freshly roasted coffee, in quantities that ensure you always have fresh coffee.

Coffee — once roasted — has an optimum freshness period of maybe 2 to 3 weeks, we like to supply around a week to two weeks worth at a time. Our minimum supply amount is now 300 grams, for anything over 300 grams you choose the quantity and we will supply it.